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I remembered stumbling upon these words when I was scrolling through poetry accounts on Twitter. It made such a painful impact that I searched for it’s author, Lang Leav.

I instantly became a fan of her work. I began reading her poetry and fell in love with all of them. Eventually, I learned that I have to do an extreme catch-up because she already has published two books prior to my discovery of her, these were Love and Misadventures and Lullabies. She then proceeded to release two more: Memories and The Universe of Us before she announced her first-ever novel, Sad Girls, is on the works.

After its initial release, Sad Girls, became a huge hit in different countries and people inside and outside of the fandom scramble to get a copy of it. I am currently reading it and I am really hooked. Due to the undeniable success of her first-ever novel, Lang Leav is doing a SAD GIRLS TOUR, a book signing event; and one of her destination is the Philippines.

Now, when and where will this book signing happen? Lang Leav’s first stop will be on The Northwing Atrium of SM City Cebu on June 24 at 12 PM, and there will only be 500 slots. Her second and last stop will be on the 25th of June at the Glorrieta 2 Activity Center at 12 PM with 1,000 slots. Registration for both events will start at 10 PM and it’s on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.

The event is free, just bring the receipt and your copy of Sad Girls purchased at any National Book Store, National Book Store Express, or Powerbooks branch at the registration. If your copy is not purchased in any of these stores, you will not be allowed to join the event. For other concerns, you can have them answered here.

See you at the event my fellow Lang Leav fanatics! Oh! One more thing, it’s Lang Lee-yav. I have pronounced it wrong for a year or so, until I saw her answer it on Tumblr.


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