10 Things I’m Currently Experiencing In College

1.You will appreciate sleep like you’ve never did before. You will cherish those last 5 minutes of sleep, and they will feel shorter unlike when you were in high school. You will be a walking zombie that instead searches for brains, will go to the extreme just to acquire sleep.

2.You will plan an assassination against one of your professor every once in a while. It’s because this certain professor has all the wrong moves to teach you. “Sem break? Nah. Not in my subject! Here’s an assignment to help you not relax on your break!”. But no hard feelings, you’ll thank them eventually.

3.You will love coffee. Remember those times when you loathe coffee drinkers and their incessant craving for it? Guess what, you’re now one of them. You can’t blame anyone because you have to stay up late and finish those paper works.

4.You will constantly tell everyone how stressed you are even if you’re just sitting down. Not kidding! Maybe it’s the deadlines, the exams, or just the plain thought of you being in college, but you will be stressed. There will never be a waking hour where you’re not whining about the amount of work that you have to do (which in most cases, procrastination gets a better hold of you.)

5.You will continually give up on life. You will question a lot of your choices, your motivation will be fractured along the way, you will ask for your purpose– it will get bloody! But you can’t die because you have a report due tomorrow.

6.Time is gold. I don’t know how to stress this enough, but time is essential if you wanna survive college. You must know how to manage it wisely that will both be beneficial for you socially and academically, because you can’t really cut yourself in half, can you?

7.Priorities change based on the importance of the subject for your future. So, you wanna hang out with your friends but you have to submit an essay tomorrow, you sit down and contemplate on how important the subject is, you end up scrolling on the uploaded pictures of your friends fun night out on Facebook. Harsh reality.

8.Sometimes your effort will not be reciprocated with a justifiable grade. Professors just love messing with us, right? They give you this big, difficult, and impossible project–which you end up doing right, and they give you a whooping grade that’s lower than you were expecting. San ako nagkulang? Anong mali kong nagawa?

9.Your eyebags and breakouts will serve as your trophy. It is a symbol of bravery to show everyone that you’ve endured a lot and that it means you have lost your soul and vanity for the sake of education.

10.Friends come in handy. They keep you sane and grounded. They make college a little less difficult, they make it bearable and enjoyable for you. All those inside jokes and petty nicknames for professors that you guys think are Satan incarnate. All those laughter’s and boy/girl hunting. Need I say more?

Sarcasm aside, college molds us into these individuals that are ready for the challenge of the real world and our chosen fields. It helps us prepare for the harsh reality which we will be facing 4 or 5 years later. Truth is, the odds will sometimes be in our favor, but not always.


B x


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