Tempus Vernum

Tempus Vernum is the Latin word for Rain.

What is it with rain that we automatically associate it with peace?

We often think of deep slumber, calmness, bed days with hot coffee/tea/choco in our hands, cuddle weather or just a plain gloomy day where we realize many things—we become nostalgic, and oh! How a lot of people love and hate it at the same time.

Do you remember rainy days where you just feel so poetic that you thought you could make a poem out of raindrops racing their way down your window pane? But you stop and stare at those hypnotizing water droplets, you suddenly can’t seem to find the right words to jot down on that piece of paper.

Or those rainy days where you feel lonely, longing for someone you can’t figure out who. The sound of rain on the ground makes you wanna curl up in a ball and cry your heart out, but there’s no tears, just that awful feeling of sadness.

Well, sometimes you know who you’re missing. May it be your ex, your bestfriend, a close relative that you lost, or the old you before high school drama, boys, broken hearts, and trust issues.

You just have this hobby of confusing yourself and denying a lot things.

How about rainy days where you just rush to your bedroom, tuck yourself perfectly in and snore the weather away?

You sleep with a smile and comfort plastered on your face. The cold air coming from your fan or air conditioner seems to team-up with the chilling air outside. Just perfect. Just the right climate inside your room to sleep all your problems away.

I like rain. I don’t mind getting wet by it. I appreciate every drop that falls on my head. I feel so carefree whenever there’s rain.

This is me, writing about random thoughts while waiting for the train, with the sound of rain on the roof of this station as my background music.

It’s crazy.



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