Hearts and Aesthetics

Every museum is full of nice things. That’s the opposite of before. It was important things or serious things. Now we have interesting things.

— Gerhard Richter

If you would ask me where my ideal first date is, my answer would automatically be Museums.

I just love the quietness and stillness of the place, not to mention the beauty of displayed art pieces. I’ve always been this history geek that I feel all giddy inside whenever I’m around art pieces with historical significance. I can feel this nerdy sensation brewing inside of me the more I look. Don’t get creeped out! I’m just this savvy that my mind flies back to the time it was made. Like, I’m literally imagining the scenario of how it was made in my head.

Now, museums are boring for a lot of people, which is kind of one of the reasons why I chose it. I mean, myriad of people would do anything just to avert themselves from entering museums for they find it uninteresting. That is the challenging part for me.

Isn’t it fun to hang-out with a person who can respect what you like even if they don’t appreciate it as much as you do? They might not look at it as deep as you do, but at least they’re still taking some interest about it.

The calming aura of a museum is legit great for intimate talks and get-to-know-you’s. It gives you that private feeling and I really think that you two can easily connect with each other because of that.

How about you, where and what is your ideal first date?



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