Internship: The First Step To Take

wpid-img_20151031_131055.jpgI’m in my junior year now as a Bachelor of Mass Communication student and my internship or on-the-job training is nearing to its deadline.

As a Mass Communication student, it’s not hard to find a company/organization that can offer me the optimum experience and real-life challenge that I need to grow in my chosen field of study.

I have so many options of where to apply for my internship, but media-related companies are on top of my list (i.e publishing companies, newspapers, film productions, TV networks, Ad agencies, etc.)

Internships can be taken as a vigorous tour of the real world. It’ll teach you so many things and a handful of techniques on how to function in an actual workplace. You get to be a part of the daily hustle and bustle, the constant stress, the agitated and deadline-pressured professionals, but at the end of the day nothing can compare to that rewarding feeling of getting a task done.

So here are the simple ways on how to get you ready for that internship! According to me!

Number 1: Have atleast 3 choices of where you want to be an intern.

Even before your professor or mentor gives you the go signal, you should start early and consider the companies that you would like to work for. You can have as many choices as you want, it will function as a map for you and also a back-up plan—because just think about how many are your competitors from other schools, PLUS! you all have received different trainings—and applying for an internship can be compared to killing for a vacant position. Pressured yet?

Number 2: Do some research.

After you’ve chosen the organization/s that you would want to be a part of, you should do some research about them. Go to their website, submit queries on their e-mail or if you know someone who’s working in the company, it’s more effective to ask about their experience. It’s resentful to work in a company that turns out to be just good on their website’s “About Us”, right? So, read about their history, know their culture, and do all of these with a critical mind. Choose wisely because time wasted is experience wasted.

Number 3: Prepare yourself.

Nobody comes in a battle unprepared—more or less unarmed. Now that you have the spare time to relax before the “war” starts, better take this leisure to prepare yourself both mentally and orally. Most employers want an intern that has great communication skills, well-rounded, is eager to learn new things and can come up with new ideas easily. Ask a friend to give you a mock job interview so you can practice how to express yourself and also treat your mind to some random essay writing about some random ideas that pop up in your head.

Number 4: Study a little bit more.

Still not proficient in using MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel? Well, here’s your chance to learn about them! In this modern world and technologically facilitated industry, not being an expert in using these applications can be a solid hindrance for you being accepted on the job. Ask a friend who’s knowledgeable about using them to help you out and familiarize you with every shortcut, function and simple navigations. But if you’re too shy to ask a friend, Youtube is always happy to help!

Number 5: Prepare your award-winning resume beforehand.

Better type that resume early—or plan what you’re going to put in there before time runs out. According to a study, employers just take about 25 seconds to scan your resume, so if there’s nothing on your resume that made their eyes stop and slow their scanning pace, there’s about an 90% chance of you not making it to the cut. Make your resume atleast 2 pages long, highlight your achievements, your skills and don’t beat around the bush just get straight to the point.

And we’re done! That is the five most simple and easy steps on how to get you ready for the stepping stone of a lifetime.

Just remember to enjoy your everyday struggle as an intern. Document your progress for future encouragement, smile to lessen the wrinkles and most of all, PRAY HARD TO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

Also, do well because who knows, the company might want to hire you after you graduate!



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