Exploring Manila’s History: Dambana ni Rizal

Dambana ni Rizal is a mini-museum built solely for the purpose of displaying artifacts, relics, achievements, life moments and literary masterpieces of the Philippines’ National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

Located inside Fort Santiago and found within the ruins of Plaza de Armas, this place holds all the important pieces that’s dear to historians and to the Philippines freedom and history.

There’s no entrance fee, just write your name in the log book and don’t forget to turn off the flash of your camera, the guard might remind you, also.

There are two floors, the first floor displays the last moments of Rizal. From the happenings before his execution, his trial and what happened after his death. There’s a story about how his grave was built and the reason why his name was engraved as R.P.J or Rizal Protacio Jose, they purposely reversed it so the Spaniards, who even wants to destroy Rizal after being dead, cannot see it and maybe polverize our hero.

The second floor houses more artifacts and lots of Rizal’s portraits. Also, his diploma’s, achievements, art pieces and more memorabilia’s.


According to the caption of this portrait, this is the closest of what Rizal actually looks like.

Some of his wood carvings, post stamps and money to commemorate him are also on display.

Rizal also made an oracle game named Haec Est Sybilla Cumana that has the book inside the glass and an interactive one that guests can play with outside. Some of his drawings are also posted on the walls.image


There is also a copy of his Noli Me Tangere and scanned pictures of his other literary works. You know, I’ve always wondered where the original copy of NMT is, some say it’s in another country, others say that it’s in The National Museum. But I guess I have to settle with the copies.

There is also a wall that is interactive and informational. When the boxes are not flipped, it forms the face of Rizal and the word “Bayani”, but when flipped it shows all the things that gives tribute to Dr. Jose Rizal and the information about it.



The animals that are named after Dr. Jose Rizal can also be seen, there’s another game connected to it called Hulaan ang Alin or Guess Which is Which. You have to put your hands inside the hole and guess whatever is it you’re touching. My friend tried and she screamed, so I did not dare.

All in all, my Dambana ni Rizal experience was very interesting and exciting. I felt like I’ve travelled through time and saw what really happened to Rizal through his lifetime.

I admire Rizal for being tremendously patriotic. He is willing to risk his life for his fellowmen and fight the Spaniards in a silent way by writing and publishing books with cryptic stories about the abuse that the Filipinos are recieving from the Spaniards.

I envy him for having that kind of trait towards his countrymen, that right now doesn’t seem to think about his sacrifice anymore.



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