I remembered stumbling upon these words when I was scrolling through poetry accounts on Twitter. It made such a painful impact that I searched for it’s author, Lang Leav. I instantly became a fan of her work. I began reading her poetry and fell in love with all of them. Eventually, I learned that I … More #LangLeavinPH

I’m Officially A ZALORA Brand Ambassador!

As our online interaction keep on evolving together with technological advancements making it easier for everyone to access products and services, online shopping has also grown in demand especially to millenials. It is a convenient way of getting the things you want in a much cheaper price (sometimes) and with no crowds. You can also … More I’m Officially A ZALORA Brand Ambassador!

Me Versus Society

My friends would always say that my body belongs to the category of “Easy to lose weight, Easy to gain weight” and I would always disagree. Why? Simply because my body type will and shall never be categorized. They would criticize my love for eating and I would always pay no attention to them, because … More Me Versus Society

Meeting Ricky Lee

It was always a blissful dream of mine to meet Ricky Lee. One of the few writers whom I personally look up to. One of the few people, who I would say, really made an impact in my life and greatly influenced my passion in writing. I’ve volunteered for the first time in this year’s … More Meeting Ricky Lee